Mapping Resistance Activity

The following maps depict the organizations that the three basic recognition laws 1949, 1969, and 1982 recognized. The maps illustrate resistance activity by region to provide a picture of the different versions of National Resistance that each law created. The information provided for each organization includes its official title, region, and timeframe of activity.

The first map includes the 108 organizations that were recognized by Emergency Law 971/1949.

The second map shows the 246 organizations that were recognized under the dictatorship’s Decree-Law 179/1969.

The third map indicates the organizations that were recognized by the Third Hellenic Republic’s Law 1285/1982. The 1982 law recognized the EAM and its organizations for the first time along with other “national” organizations that had not yet been recognized (for example, EAPO). In addition, all the organizations that had previously been recognized by EL 971/1949 were recognized once again. Note: unlike the previous two laws, Law 1285/1982 did not define the organizations’ areas of activity. For that reason, the map depicts the headquarters of EAM/ELAS and EAM organizations as located in Athens, even though they were active throughout much of the country.

EL 971/1949

DL 179/1969

L 1285/1982