Publications and actions carried out in the framework of the project


  1. Study. The Second Life of the National Resistance. Practices of Inclusion and Exclusion, 1944-2006 (Themelio, 2022). Κατεβάστε το PDF
  2. Article by Magda Fytili – Manos Avgeridis – Eleni Kouki, “Heroes or Outcasts? The Long Adventure of the State’s Recognition of the Greek Resistance (1944-2006)” (submitted for review to an international scientific journal)
  3. Article by Magda Fytili, “Including the ‘Nation’s Enemies’: The Long Politics of Recognition and Restitution during the Third Greek Republic (1974-2006)” (accepted for publication in the Journal of Modern Greek Studies)
  4. Article: Manos Avgeridis – Eleni Kouki – Magda Fytili, “Reconciling Passions: The Limits of Political Discourse on the National Resistance,” Arxeiotaksio, vol. 22 (November 2020), pp. 77-92. Tribute: Censorship and Democracy – Post-Civil War State and Metapolitefsi.

International Conference

The research team participated in the international conference entitled “Faces of War,” organized by the Centre of Interdisciplinary Research at Birkbech University of London, on 21 March 2020. The title of the paper was: “How to Irregulate an Irregular War: Lasting Legacies of the WWII Resistance Movement in Post-war Greece.”

Postgraduate Seminar

In the winter semester 2019-2020 we held the postgraduate seminar entitled: “Politics of the Past: The Long Process of the Legal Recognition of the Resistance in Greece (1944-2006),” at the MSc in Modern and Contemporary History and History of Art, at the Department of History and Archaeology of the School of Philosophy of the University of Athens, in collaboration with the professors Vangelis Karamanolakis and Dimitra Lampropoulou, and the participation of 30 postgraduate students.


Due to the pandemic, it was not possible to hold a face-to-face workshop, as planned by the project. Therefore, an online discussion was held where we presented the project axes and the findings of the archival research. The discussion, which took place on 12 February 2021, was attended by historians in addition to the research team: Polymeris Voglis, Katerina Dede, Stratos Dordanas, Vangelis Karamanolakis, Katerina Lambrinou, Stratis Bournazos, Elias Nikolakopoulos, Tasos Sakellaropoulos and Vangelis Tzoukas, while we also received written comments from Pieter Lagrou.

Programme Presentation

The presentation of the programme took place on Saturday 5 June 2021, at the Association of Greek Archaeologists, 134 Ermou Street, Thiseio. The event included a presentation of the programme by the principal investigator, Magda Fytili, and a screening of the documentary “A Long Adventure. The Recognition of the National Resistance 1944-2006.”